It’s our pleasure to meet Mr. Ogbonnaya Kanu (FD) in the motorcycling scene in Nigeria.

Read as he shares his experience riding from Nigeria to Europe.

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When did you start riding?

I started riding about 10 years ago but in that period have been riding an average of 20-30 km per year. So I like to think that I ride a lot.


Where have you been to with your ride?

Have been to all the state in Nigeria on my different bikes. Have been to almost all the West African countries except Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone, these are the three countries in West Africa I haven’t been too.

What are the problems or challenges you’ve encountered during those years?

The problems that I faced they are quite a number. From running out of money, losing my wallet with all my cash, there was a particular border, I left one country crossing the border to get to the other country I discover they were not on the same time zone and by the time I got to the other country there border was closed for the day, I was at the middle of nowhere, no man’s land, that what they call the space between the two borders. I found out that in this problem, they are always problem. Things you never could have anticipated for. Like when I also ran out of fuel, by my calculation I have enough fuel to get to the next town, by my target I have enough petrol, I couldn’t understand how come I ran out of fuel.


How have you been coping or dealing with the challenges?

Dealing with it, thinking about it, I discovered that on that particular stretch of road, the wind was blowing so much against me that I was consuming so much fuel than usual for the mileage I was doing and I realized that if I find someone to shield me from the wind I would be able to stretch my fuel and I got a truck to overtake me and the moment it took over, I went behind it and I was able to stretch the fuel I have to the next town.


What keeps you moving?

I keep my mind open, avoid getting into panic allow me to think straight, the moment I started thinking straight, I got a solution.