Hi everyone is your safety ambassador. To let you know what you don’t know about my music before talking about Safety, I started music career in 2014 professionally. Although have been in love with music way back, when I started writing songs at the age of 11 years.

kiss daniel

Now about life at the beginning with or without car: Well there has always been a car in the house; my dad had four cars.

Honda Baby boy was the 1st car I used before I became a professional driver, about crashes….

I want to generalize this message, a lot of accident/crashes occurred due to over speeding, sleeplessness & drunkenness. Basically, the rules are there, is just so hard for some people to follow the rules. If you are drunk don’t drive, don’t make a call or receive a call while driving.

Also it is very important to check your car regularly, I have someone that drives, but then I still have some knowledge about it. First thing I do is, I check the water in the radiator, I check the oil to make sure it is gauge, I check the tyres and I make sure all my light are  working (the trafficator & the full light) I make sure everything works.

Then traffic light, always observe traffic lights and other road signs. Very important, there is more to driving than just sitting in a car. You can’t come on the road without considering some road factors. We have the traffic light for a reason, to regulate traffic. Follow the traffic light, obey the traffic light. Mostly, the traffic light is to limit the rate accident occur, follow it and also follow the road signs, it is very important.

Please note; your Life is more important, it’s like a clay pot, when it brakes it can’t be put together.