How well do you know your car battery (ies)?People buy expired battery unknowingly. Are you aware that the year of manufacture of battery is inscribe on the battery and its expiring date is four (4) years after the production date.

battery 2

There has been a lot of issues on car battery, like we do say, we just got it brand new, one year or six months later we say it is bad. Do you know that all batteries has a code they use to identify the battery production date, the code is always at the top or side of the battery, let say 3J, that means it has been manufactured on 13th of September, 2013, or you could see it on the body of the battery. We find out that most batteries we have here are Korea & Japan. They hardly have those numbers; they do but don’t put it. Some batteries have EL18, meaning, it was manufactured between May & September 2010. 2010 battery been sold brand new in 2018 is expired already,  because the battery duration is 4-5 years. When you buy battery that has been stored for a long period of time, it won’t last long. Be careful when buying a battery, don’t buy because it is still new or look new, you think is a brand new battery, six months maximum, is gone, because it has expired.