How to avoid Road accident in Nigeria

Experience at the beginning without a car, Mr. Imohiosen Patrick (DJ Neptune).

dj neptune 1

Tell us about your profession? Jockey started for me professional 2001. Around 1999, I was aspiring to be a DJ, I was opportune to see DJ play live, I fell in love with it, so I started nursing that career “like I love to be a DJ”. I saw myself getting interested in listening to music, making research on different artist but professionally 2001 everything kick off.

How was life at the beginning without a car? It was crazy, because when I started the DJ it was more or like the passion. There was really no money to be made. We were playing gigs for like five thousand, in it, I will pay for the rented equipment, pay for taxi and at the end of the day, and you probably go with one thousand five hundred naira home. How many 1,500 do you need to save up? Then you need to buy a record, it was strictly turn table and earpiece. They need to be up to date, they are quite expensive. But right now technology has played part.

What brand was your first car? I bought my first car either 2006 or 2007, a Toyota celica car. It is a sport car.

How often do you check your car, the regular part? I check the engine oil gauge, making it sure that is fine, I check the radiator but not all the time, just once in a while, I check the tyres, I try to make sure that my tyres are on point. I check them all because I need to be careful when driving on Nigeria road.

How often do you obey traffic rules? How careful do you observe traffic lights and other signs? I do obey traffic rules even when am in hurry. It could be crazy sometimes when you are trying to bit traffic but if I try to rush, and break the rules and I got caught while rushing, the delay am running or rushing from would eventually happen, so you might as well take your time and get rid of traffic.

How do you manage night driving? Or how conscious are you while driving back home from club? If I know am driving, and am working in the club, I don’t take alcohol, I just take water. Just making it sure am alive, am awake. And it depends on where am working at, if am going like extremely far. Most times not that I don’t like people drive me but I feel comfortable driving myself. So I just have my boy with me in the car and then we ride right together. Most times my work is around where I live, if I know I am going far, I have my boy with me and we come back together.

What is your speed limit within the towns and on the high ways? Am been honest here, within the town I try not to do more than 70km/h, am between 60-65km/h, I try not to exceed 70. But when am on the highway, am always between 80-85km/hr. When am in an estate environs, I don’t do more than 20km/h cause we have kids around and you could never can tell.

What are your safety tips for your fans and to the motorist? If you will drive, make sure you don’t drink, don’t over speed, go slow and steady; you will get to where you are going to.