Your experience at the beginning of your Career. My name is Otaghware Otas Onodjayeke, stage name Igosave, a Nigerian comedian from Delta State.

i go save 1What is life at the beginning without a car? It was painful because I wasn’t even aware if i was going to have a car, so I was living a normal life of a normal man lifestyle, that is thriving to get to the peak. Entering public transport was a normal thing for me, it was a big boy thing for me then, trekking was the small boy thing. Using the public transportation was the thing for me then. So owing a car wasn’t a big problem to me because trekking was the order of the day but at least I still get small change to transport myself back, so it was really fun for me.

What was the brand of your first car? It was a Nissan Maxima. It wasn’t new nor tokubo but it was second hand car. I never knew the car was faulty, it takes a lot of fuel, so to reverse takes 5 meters but it wasn’t bad. It took me to the next level; it makes me strive hard to get a better car. That was a stepping stone, though I later had a terrible accident with it but all thanks to God, no live was lost and from there I moved to the next level but it was really a good car (Toyota Maxima).

What vital part of your car do you check before embarking on a journey? Most of the time before I embark on a journey, I check my oil, the water level, I gauge the tyres. These are vital part I put into consideration before I embark on a journey.

Do you obey traffic rules? I obey traffic rules all the time because if I don’t, it might lead to terrible or fatal accident cause if the other person is obeying and am not, when the green light comes on for the other person it means the person should move and on my own part is the red light and I disobey, it might lead to an accident. That is why am always trying my best to obey the road traffic rules.

What is your speed limit within the town & express? The speed limit within the town and an express road depend on the speed limit allowed on any road, like in pedestrian zones, we are allowed to drive 30 & below. While on the express I can go 120, 100, 130, there are other places were the speed limit is 80 and some other places you see the sign 60, we try to adjust to all of it. But I really like to go fast most time but when am a bit late I hate to drive fast cause am under pressure and it might lead to accident, so is very good to obey the road speed limit rules as well.

What are the safety tips to avoid an Auto crash? Some of the basic tips to avoid auto crash, accident as it is called, first of all, you must obey all traffic rules, traffic signs, road signs because if you don’t, it might lead to a fatal accident. Avoid answering calls, snap chat, taking of pictures, taking with someone behind or at the back sit. All these things are bunch of distractions, accidents happens within seconds and not within minutes. In 2 secs you might just see yourself in the midst of a fatal accident, accident is over in 5 secs. Talking to someone, taking pictures for second might lead to a fatal accident and might cost you your life, might make you lose contact with your loved ones forever. Accident is not a good thing for every one of us, so let’s obey the traffic rules.

What is your take on car insurance? Insurance cover you and your car, in case of accident or negative thing that might happen to you. The insurance can cover for you. Nigerians should be informed about insurance; Nigerians are not informed about it, so insurance cover you a long way, get yourself insured.

Your cars, the best and it feature? Honda end of discussion, Peugeot 607 & a range rover. The range rover is a fantastic car. But I like to travel with the Peugeot 607 because it a vexies engine and it runs real good. The horse power is speeding well; it has self’s program features in it. If I sit on it, it adjust to the level I want, the mirrors are just with my eyes, were I want to see, the side mirrors and the overhead mirror as well and the AC is really cool.

What safety tip do you have for people out there? Don’t drink and drive, do not romance while driving(no be only you love pass), don’t kiss while driving, is very risky cause the moment you take your eyes off concentration in driving, it might lead to an accident. Check the basic part of your car before you embark on any journey. Make sure your car is safe enough for highways before you embark on any driving trip. These whole things might just shorten your life, accident might just take you away from you love ones. “Always wear your sit belt”.

Obey Auto driving and every rules.