Have you ever wondered what it was like way back like many years ago without the digital technology or wonder by means of transportation? And imaginary of all we are always taking note is automotive. Peoples experience when it comes to their automotive life, the good, the bad or ugly. People learn from different situation.

Nigeria is the most popular black nation in the black world, talking about giant of Africa, with a population of over one hundred and seventy million (170,000,000) people of divert culture and languages of over 250.

mammy wagon 2            In 1973 the oil boom sector immensely changes the economy, boosted infrastructure development and of cause means of transportation. Back in the ancient days, the means of transportation started with foot (the children of Israelite in the Bible). The before man started upgrading, then we had the bicycle, after that we had the mammy wagon (Lorries that the door is made of wood and part of the body). The mammy wagon was for the mammy, they are regarded as women. In the mammy wagon we have the mother, children, food stuffs, animals.  Those mammy wagons always pass messages across to us like: God is merciful, no man as God, no food for the lazy may, the young shall grow, and there is no peace for the wicked and the likes. If we should go to the northern part of the country, we will still see people in inside the mammy wagon.

In 1965 it was learnt that the mammy wagon was suspended from the road. They don’t want to be seen cause of their poor state; they weren’t strong enough the new modern typo road.

molue             In 1970s the popular molue bus was introduced but it was in the city, Lagos. Then we term it that when you go to the city, you will see the big yellow buses with so many people in it. Just like Late Fela said in one of his songs that “49 sittings, 99 standing”. The communication process inside it was excellent, people doing advertisement, public relation, preaching and people praising the Lord and we have people asking questions.


We actually had trains when we had bicycles, the small buses and the mammy wagon. People use train to travel from one city to another.

canoeWe had canoes to paddle their way through the next town, it wasn’t about fishing but was also a means of transportation. If you want to move from a place to another you actually use the canoe or boat.


airplane   The new system is the Airplane. People now take plane to their different state and out of the county. Like the late musician Fale,  said “Technology is really taking the world far”