How was life at the beginning without a car? Well it was crazy, it was really stressful because car is such an essential commodity, very important commodity. I knew the worth of a car when I did not have one. Taxis really chop my money; yeah it was really crazy but am happy now I have one.

    Did you attend a driving school? No, it was just confidence. Did you just get it like that? Some of my friends were trying to teach me one time like that with my dad’s car, Toyota pencil and I batch the car couple of time honesty. But when I started driving they tried teaching me sometimes but it was quite because I didn’t man up at a time to really take the role and then one day I just got up and took the car keys, I got in the car then I drove the car, and then I knew all I needed was confident and consistency.

Do you have a driving license?  Yes I do have a driver license be cause is essential to have a driver license.

What vital part do you check in your car? Well, my car, I don’t really do much checking cause it is the dash board that is going to tell if anything is wrong with the car, either the tyre pressure, water or whatever.

What is your take on vehicle insurance? Yea, my car is insured; I think it is good to insure your car.


What safety tips do you have for your fans out there? Your life is very important, so always make sure that your car is in a good condition or shape, don’t take yourself for granted; don’t take your brake for granted. Ensure that you drive at a very reasonable speed limit whenever you are in the mist of people in other not to kill another person apart from killing yourself. If you must drive, like 200km/h, make sure you have your jack, your tools, extra tyres, just in case you get caught up somewhere. Make sure you have the precaution signs as well. You don’t drink and drive, you don’t drive and drink, make sure somebody that is taking you when your eyes are already dirty from the club has a clean eyes and wide open.

What about those girls that take snap chap or pictures while on the wheel? Not alone girls does that, some guys also those that while driving, is bad, do not use your phone while driving cause is bad. I make sure I don’t use my phone while driving.

Always make sure that your car is safe at all time, have all your tools, extra tyres, your caution signs, make sure you are not snapping while driving, make sure you are not drinking if you are going to drive. Just ensure you are safe 100%. God bless you. Am Lil Kesh, I love you.