The role of women in the automotive world cannot be over emphasis “What a man can do a woman can do better” that’s what they say. And to address this issue we have Mrs. Olabisi Sonusi the Deputy Route Commander Federal Road Safety Commission Lagos State Command

Using the road is not limited to only men, so what a man can do fully a woman can do even much more better, so taking it to now, when you have your car parked before you drive that car, please always ensure that when you park your vehicle, moving or whether anytime, please ensure you go round the car just to see object that can obstruct you vehicle and when you see such, please take it away. Ensure you check the manufacturing date of your tyre to ensure or make sure the tyres are not expired or deflated, so that will help in your journey when you move out- Mrs. Sonusi.

According to Olabisi Sonusi, the automotive world is male dominated, however, there is no segregation by the FRSC for Traffic offenders, no matter your gender.


She said FRSC as a body is saddle with some responsibility. One of it is “Educating the motoring public, continuous education”. That is why our 2018 strategic goal is “Enhance Communication”, we are using so many platforms to drive that in 2018, and we are also an agency that is saddle with responsibility of minimizing road traffic crash on all the high ways.

To avoid the road accidents and crashes, as well as confrontations from FRSC officials, She advice that women should always procure valid Diver License, also she admonish that women should to stop applying their makeup while on the wheel, this as become a very common practice among most women which can could lead to vital road accident and crashes.

She also advice the women should always trap their babies behind the cars preferably with a car sit, ensure that any child that sit with you, in front vehicle is 12 years & above. Pls drive safe and keep safe out there.