Driving is an ”Art” mastered with experience over time,so also should driving etiquette be learned.
Listed below are some unnecessary things we do as drivers.

1. Honking behind a pedestrian. Yes honking at a pedestrian is not only rude but also presents a seeming confrontational stance of car to human challenge.
Do you remember that feeling when you have a trailer suprise you with a honk from behind on the highway?Though women hate this attitude far more than necessary,the auto industry says no too.

2.Expecting people to run at pedestrian crossings. Its actually the pedestrians way but he let you use it. So next time be calm.

3.Flashing your full lights in a neighbourhood street. You drive into a street filled with people with your full lights on, driving ethics demands you dim those lights.

4. Encroaching on pedestrian walk ways. Simply explained,dont inconvenience the pedestrian by driving into his walking space.

5. Indiscriminate Spitting out of the car window with a car behind.


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