While driving for women is banned in some countries, in Nigeria women can drive and thus require to adopt some safety tips for a safer driving. Women have some don’ts to ensure a safer driving and a safer road.

1. Never breastfeed a baby while driving: rather pull off the road and take care of that precious life.

2. Never make up while driving: this is somehow common among women and this makes a woman driver lose concentration while driving, avoid it.

Let your phone rest while driving: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and other social apps can wait till that journey is concluded.

3. Pregnancy does not exempt you from using seat beat: endeavor to use your seat belt in a most convenient way….

4. Tieing headgear, adjusting dresses and jewelry: these acts look unimportant but they interfere with concentration while on wheels.

5. Emotional sentiments: thinking of those pending domestic issues and other considered important unsettled issues: women are emotional and exhibit this unintentionally however this can interfere with concentration while driving.