Actress Dorcas Shola-Fapson, who was allegedly assaulted and almost kidnapped by a Taxify driver, has gone ahead to release a video detailing what actually transpired on the fateful night.

Shola-Fapson said after the driver, Henry Nnaemeka, arrived at her location following her request, and as the ride began, he asked if it was a card or cash trip.

She said she told him it was a card trip but he insisted he wanted cash and ended the trip when she refused to agree to his terms.

According to the actress, her reason for refusing his request for cash was because she did not have cash and secondly, it was not safe for her to embark on an offline trip at that time of the night, which was around 12 midnight.

After further heated arguments, she called another Taxify driver, and as the new driver was about to arrive, Nnaemeka allegedly drove off to an unknown location and tried to forcefully drag her by the waist out of the car.

Shola-Fapson’s video was in reaction to the accused driver’s earlier press release where he denied the rape and kidnap allegations the actress made against him.


He also gave a different and favourable account of what transpired that night.

The management of Taxify has also reacted to the incident, condemning the alleged conduct of its driver.

The company, however, said the police are already involved in the matter and that investigation has begun. It promised to fully cooperate with police to unravel the truth.

UPDATE: In the first video released by Dorcas Shola-Fapson, it appeared mute, so after much pressure from fans, Dorcas has released another video but this time you can actually hear her conversations with the accused Taxify driver.