1. Ford F-Series (up 9. 3 percent)ford f-series 112. Chevrolet Silverado (up 1.9 percent)


3. Ram pickup trucks (up 2.3 percent)


4. Toyota RAV4 (up 15.7 percent)Toyota-RAV4-GXL-2015-(1)5. Nissan Rogue (up 22.3 percent)
2017-Nissan-Rogue-76. Toyota Camry (down 0.4 percent)2015_Toyota_Camry_(ASV50R)_Atara_S_sedan_(2016-03-19)7. Honda CR-V (up 5.8 percent)honda-cr-v8. Honda Civic (up 2.8 percent)Honda-Civic-2017-Model9. Toyota Corolla (down 13.0 percent)


10. Honda Accord (down 6.5 percent)

honda accird 2

Look closely at the order, however, and significant differences emerge. On the 2017 list, the first model that isn’t a pickup truck or SUV is the No. 6 Camry. That’s a marked contrast from 2009, when the average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas climbed 60 percent and the Camry landed at No. 2. Last year saw no such volatility in pump prices — and sedans, coupes and hatchbacks accounted for just four of the top 10 bestsellers.