roadLittle by little, the fuel scarcity which started as a harmless rumor some days back as snowballed into a rife menace that has ravaged through the entire country, birthing long, twisted and angry queues of cars and people alike at filling stations as they drag hopelessly for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) popularly recognized as “petrol” to help them go about their normal lives.

This couldn’t have happened at a worse time of the year but during the yuletide season when folks are gearing up to make those once-in-year festive visits to their loved ones and families across the spread of the country.

This has a certain degree of desperation amidst travelers and they tend to do some incredibly dangerous things just to beat the scarcity and make the much anticipated trips steeped in alarming rate of danger.

Below are the DON’TS that every driver and commuter must stay clear off no matter the staunchness of the scarcity:

  1. Do not greedily hoard jerrycans of fuels in your vehicle as this could easily lead to fire outbreak at even the slightest of electric sparks.
  2. Do not hoard fuel in the house as it is also dangerous.
  3. Do not drive hurriedly and roughly because you are trying to maximize the fuel in your car.
  4. Do not abandon your vehicle carelessly on the side of the road because you are queuing up for fuel.
  5. Do not over full your vehicle tank because of the hotness of the dry season with can provoke explosion.

PS: These are the precautions needed…

  1. Leave early for your destination to beat the traffic that the fuel-seeking queues will cause.
  2. Have extra cash on you when travelling because of the incessant fluctuation in transport fares.