car and season

Like the hazy clouds of harmattan, the much anticipated festive season is upon us. The excitement and joy is in the air from the south to the north pole of the world. The bells of celebration have started jiggling in homes with decorations to match the awesome mood that this unique period brings.

This is the time of the year when we send message of appreciation and gratitude to our numerous sponsors and lovely audience. Thank you for the fully expressed love and your unhitched attention throughout this past year.

Don’t let the euphoria of the celebration subdue the auto safety that your beloved AutoXpat has brought your way this past year. Gauge your wheels, check your oil and other necessary details before you set out with your cars and always make sure you have your seat-belts on anytime you are on the road and drive with a keen level of carefulness and calmness. Finally, obey all the traffic laws and the safety rules.

From your foremost automobile and safety TV program, AutoXpat, we wish you a luscious and merry Christmas and  a prosperous New Year.