SAVE LIVES :Auto Xpat Safety Campaign
 “Ember months are here again and we want to disabuse people’s mind that they are months of mystery and misfortunes.
“The months are neither dangerous nor about sucking of human blood as it is believed in some quarters. Rather, it is because the period features more upsurge in vehicular traffic,’’

the prevalent upsurge during yuletide, compared to other months, both in vehicular and human traffic, was due to over zealousness of people in order to maximize profits.

“You will discover that commercial drivers will want to carry more passengers in order to maximize profit, while they also drive dangerously without consideration for other road users.

“So, having observed this development nationwide, what we did first was to embark on public enlightenment throughout all event in Lagos and other states. Auto Xpat  Safety T.V

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