Like the saying goes, if you’ve got it ,flaunt it.

Today, we have on our list the top 10 mot expensive car Brands in the world.

we will list the from 10 to 7 then take it from there tomorow in our next post.

I am sure some of you are wondering what brand of car is the most expensive ,

Check them out;

10. Maybach



May Bach’s is the most expensive hyper car incur with a 700 hp twin turbo 5.9Ltr V-12 engine and, therefore, making it the world’s most expensive car brand. The top speed of this car brands is 352 kilometers per hour. May Bach’s design is based on a high-speed limousine. There is no any other car manufacturer that can provide you with a more luxurious car as May Bach

9. Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce

The name of this car brand stands for its presentation; it’s a brand focused on flamboyant, luxurious, elegant, and high-quality looks. This car best suits a luxurious lifestyle, a reflection of how Rolls Royce has struggled to become the best car brand over other brands in the automotive industry. Nowadays, Rolls Royce has gained a worldwide reputation for making the best performing and unique luxury cars.

8. Bugatti

Bugatti 1

Bugatti is the world’s fastest car and also the top luxurious car brands in the world. Expensive chemical compounds such as titanium and carbon fiber are used in making Bugatti car model that is why they are very expensive. This type of car brand is indeed an unbeatable blend of hardiness and luxury; the luxury super sports car makes you feel like you own the best fashionable car in the world.