Tesla’s three-wheeled car, also know as an autocycle, has from its launch into the market a very uncertain reception. On one hand, there is certainly very stiff competition from other well-known brands that produce these kinds of vehicles. The most notable of which include Toyota (i-Road), Polaris (SlingShot) and Campagna (T-Rex). The American startup firm Ello motors is also scheduled to enter into this market with the release of its very autocycle sometime around the middle of next year.

All of this naturally means that Tesla will have to find a way to make their three-wheel vehicle more appealing to consumers. That is if they are serious on grabbing a respectable market share in this category. This now brings us to the burning question that is in everyone’s mind, which is just what is the future of Tesla three wheel car? Well, this is a somehow tricky question, but in truth it does not look very promising. Nevertheless, with this Palo Alto based carmaker’s history anything can happen.

Tesla Three Wheel Car1

What Is The Future Of Tesla Three Wheel Car?

To begin with, Tesla has been banned from selling their autocycle directly to their consumer by several American states. This includes Michigan, Texas and Arizona. All of whom have enacted legislations that effectively prevent this firm from bypassing conventional motor dealerships. However, this state of affairs has not stopped Tesla from lobbying with the aim of overturning these laws that are against them. This has led to some level of success in certain states.

Indeed, even the earlier mentioned Michigan is set to amend the bill that its legislators passed against Tesla and other makers of electric and non-fossil fuel burning vehicles. The federal trade commission (FTC) has also intervened in the matter in favor of Tesla. In a ten-page letter to the Michigan legislators, the FTC has urged them to permit all manufacturers to market and sell their products to the customers.