Image result for Apapa gridlock: Group recommends 24-hour traffic control.

The Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria has recommended a round-the-clock traffic management at Apapa, Lagos State to combat the chaos in the area occasioned by the gridlock on Wharf Road, arising from the ongoing rehabilitation work in the area.

The Chairman of the group, Victoria Haastrup, gave this recommendation in an interview with our correspondent in her Lagos office.

The STOAN chairman suggested that officers in charge of traffic management in the Apapa area should be deployed to work in shifts.

She said, “The traffic managers should work in shifts to make the job easy for all of them. It should be on 24 hours basis, not just from morning till night.

“Vehicles start accumulating from 7pm.  By that time, one will see them parking everywhere within Apapa. By the time people come in the morning, the whole area will be congested.”

She stressed that if the road repairs should take one year, it would be a nightmare for stakeholders.

“We have never had congestion in 11 years and if this is not properly addressed, Nigerians will pay dearly because the cost will be passed unto the consumers.

“One can discharge general cargo in 24 hours if there is free flow of traffic. When the traffic got better last week, there was one day that I discharged 8,000 tonnes of steel. The problem is truck not having access to the terminals to pick cargo.”