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Popular and award winning Nollywood Yoruba actor Femi Adebayo was on an interview with us and he revealed everything we need to know about his car.

Femi Adebayo is the son to the ace actor Adebayo Salami (Oga-Bello) who was formerly the Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts Practitioners (ANTP) national President.

Below are the interviews we had with him.

What was life at the beginning without a car? 

Life at the beginning without a car was not easy, i remember i had to walk and jump into public vehicles to arrive at my destination. It wasn’t funny.

What was your First car?

My first car was actually a gift given to me by my father,he used it for several years before passing it to me. The car was a Mercedes Benz 320. i felt good afterwards because i could drive around to places i couldn’t go before.

Do you obey Traffic laws?

Of course i do, i obey traffic rules all the time even at night i always obey the traffic lights and drive carefully.

What do you check in your car before going out?

I always check if there is water in my radiator, i check the lights, the engine oil, the tyres before going out.

What is your speed limit when driving in town and on the highway?

When i am in town, i drive 40- 50 but when i am on the highway i drive 80- 100.

What is your take on Customized plate number?

Personally, for security reasons i wont want to customize my plate number. But for others , i am indifferent about it.

What is your take about AUTO Insurance?

I insure my car, because it is very advantageous. i advice every car owner to also insure their car.

To all my fans i will say be safety conscious, it one life don’t joke with it. Don’t drink and drive, don’t use your phone while driving.

Also keep watching Autoxpat, it’s your guide to safety.