There are many Nigerians, who use personal cars to get around. However, not all car owners are savvy to understanding how their cars works and what should be done to keep them working .Of course this is nothing to be ashamed of as maintaining your car by yourself isn’t always that simple.For owners of new cars with warranty, you can simply take your car to the manufacturer to do all the work for you.

Autoxpat have 4 basic things that all owners should pay attention to when it comes to their cars.


A car need to have adequately inflated tires, when filling tires with air, be sure to set the air pump pressure according to the manufacturers recommendations located on the sticker of the drivers side door frame.


In most cars you can check the level of oil in your engine by checking the deep stick which is usually yellow in color and also check the level of your transmission fluid with a deep stick which is red in color, it is normally located towards the bottom, of the engine compartment. A good indication of when transmission fluid needs to be changed is when it changes to a dirty brown.


The Spark Plug is a tiny hidden component that is a very important part of the cars ignition, when you have problems starting your car,it is sometimes the case that the spark plug has worn out over times and needs to be changed.


Checking how much energy is left in a car battery involves the use of a device called the alligator ,usually we would take our cars to the mechanic to have them checked, as a rule of thumb. It is a good idea to do this at least once a year.

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