Umoren AKanimoh Felix (Oscar Jnr) Born April 15 1992 , Known as Sugarboy, is a Nigerian reggae-dancehall, Afrobeat singer and songwriter.

Sugarboy was born Umoren Akanimoh Felix in Uyo AkwaIbom State. He hails from Ikono local government area . Growing up around Ajegunle, Lagos state (western Nigeria )and SuTown, Suleja Niger state (northern Nigeria). While in University, Port Harcourt, he decided to pursue music as a Carrier alongside his Studies. He is the first of Three Children and born To ibibio parents from South-southern Nigeria.

Sugarboy showed an interest in music at an early age of 14,He came across Emperor Geezy, CEO at G-Worldwide 2012, but was official signed to G-Worldwide Entertainment 2015.



how was life at the beginning without a car?

life without a car was very difficult, i used to board Okada and public buses to my destination.

what was the first car?

My first car was a fairly used Camry i bought from a friend.

What are the vital part of your car you check before driving yours?

I always make sure that i check my oil gauge, the break pad, if i have enough fuel, if my tyres and every other part of my car is in good shape before driving.

What is the your take on special plate number?

Well, i’m neutral about that. It all depends on what the person wants.

what is your take about speed on the road?

I am very conscious about speed , i don’t over speed .

Do you drive at night?

No,i don’t drive at night. when i need to go out for a show at night or club , my driver do the driving.

Do you drive observe the traffic rules?

Of course i do, i observe the traffic rules , i always do my best because i know that a lot of lives will be at risk if one doesn’t observe the traffic rules.

What is your  take on Auto-crash?

To avoid auto-crash, i will say always use your seat-belt, check your vehicle properly before going out and don’t drink and drive.

Any advice on Auto-Insurance?

Yes, life is full of uncertainties. It is very necessary to have your car insured.