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Hello Readers,

Today i have an interesting topic for us to relate with.

Why did you buy your car?

while some people buy their cars to ease the stress of chasing public transport where ever they intend going out ,some buy their car as a need or just to belong in the list of car owners.Therefore, you cannot simply rely on public transportation for daily commutes.  it helps get you to your destinations, without having to rely on other people.

Another  question is when the need of not having to rely on people for your daily commutes is met, why do you still have to buy another car?

I have a friend who works in a company where he is given an official car ,he still bought himself the latest car, i began to wonder, what is the need of buying another car when you have one already ,then again i understood the saying that different strokes for different folks.

if i may ask you , why did you buy your car?