Hello Readers,

Let me share with you the story of a young couple who are always having argument and expressing  their differences whenever they were in the car driving.

The issue wasn’t the lack of love in that marriage  but the  issue was that the husband was short-tempered. They argue over the choice of song to play in the car, they argue over which route to take, trivial  matters was always the bone of contention. Their differences integrated into anger and the short tempered husband starts driving recklessly.

Until one day, the couple started out on a good note, they were actually traveling to the next town to see their grandmother. An argument ensued between them,over trivial matters of course and the husband got infuriated, he drove at a very high speed and they both landed in the hospital.

Anger is a thing that shouldn’t follow any driver behind the wheel, the consequences are dangerous and it could cost you your life. Research has shown that many of the causes of  auto crash  today is linked to the emotional mood of the driver.

Before you go behind the wheel, put your emotions in check. Anger is a dangerous thing and i am sure that you cherish your life more than allowing it wither away by your emotions.

Behind the wheel,Anger is a letter away from Danger.