Just yesterday as i boarded a public transport home, i was in the midst of some passengers when a car passed by and it got everybody talking.

You might ask me what they were talking about?

It was an auto crash. While the driver was busy driving, the lady sitting close to him was busy chatting and taking pictures. The driver rammed into another vehicle .

What is my point?

Sometime accident or Auto crash don’t just happen, distractions among other

reasons can be a cause.

Imagine if the lady was concentrating on the road while riding beside the driver, she could have been observant enough to see the car coming and adverted the accident.

I have the following safety tips for you when you ride shotgun(Beside the driver)

Yes, you also have a job to do, don’t just leave everything to the driver.

1.DON’T DISTRACT THE DRIVER; many shotgun riders are fond of distracting the drivers and as such the consequences are catastrophic.distraction includes, engaging in long discussion that can take the driver’s eyes off the road, showing the driver something on your phone  while driving.

2.BE THE NAVIGATOR; it is very easy for you seating at the other side to see what is coming , and the places to go . if its a new place, why not use the map and search for the place instead of leaving the driver to do all the work .

3. BE THE ASSISTANT ; the driver may probably need to check his phone, be in need of something while driving, you can do assist the driver with that.

4.STAY AWAKE;  for instance as a driver, you  drive on a very long journey and the person sitting next to you is already in the dream land, how boring and uninteresting the trip will be. In a short while you as a  driver might soon start feeling sleepy. please stay awake if you are riding shotgun.

5.DON’T BE A CONTROLLER; Driving with a person that controls you and dictates to you like you are his puppet is very frustrating, it is also unhealthy for the driver. You should only say your observations while driving and not be a control freak.

I hope these few tips will be beneficial for your safety when you riding shotgun. It will also be of help to the drivers and prevent auto crash.