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On our list on Lagos State Traffic Law and Penalty:driving with a broken windscreen can cost you 30,000 Naira.

What to do if your windscreen has been cracked or smashed.

Your car’s front windscreen does more than shelter you from the elements when driving.

Your car depends on your windscreen to be intact to help support the roof in a crash rollover situation, and also for the airbags to work at their best.

When a windscreen is damaged it doesn’t have the same structural integrity at a time when you may need it most.

If it has been cracked or smashed completely, it is essential to seek immediate windscreen repairs or replacement.



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It is never safe to drive with a damaged front Windscreen.

Large cracks and smashed glass prohibit a clear view of the road. Glass fragments can enter your car and may do injury to you and your passengers, and could lead to a more serious accident.

If the glass is totally smashed, it’s important to remain calm and pull slowly off the road.

When safely stopped, assess the damage.

Only you know if it’s safe to continue driving to the nearest windscreen chip repair and replacement workshop, or have the car towed to a repairer.

If you are in a remote area and have to drive, I have heard of people in this position cover the inside of the windscreen with clear adhesive tape to reduce the chances of glass fragments entering the car.

In this situation you would need to wear covered in or sealed safety glasses, keep windows up and drive at a slow pace till you can have it replaced.

Don’t be caught driving with a broken windscreen in Lagos state as you will be fined 30,000 Naira.

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