Easter Monday was fun as families and friends went to Galilee and Easter fun fair. there were lots of foods, drinks and merriment. Lagosians didn’t allow  the present  recession to hinder their fun this Easter. a bus driver decided to get himself drunk to stupor in all kinds of alcohol to celebrate his Easter.

The drunk commercial bus driver picked up his car keys in the celebration mood and ram into the gutter as he damaged his vehicle and the shops in construction. Apparently, he was no where to be found, he manged to escape but he left his damaged bus in the accident scene.

IMG_20170418_070620 IMG_20170418_070644

My question is after the whole Easter celebration, how will he afford to pay for the damages of his vehicle and the damages of the shop owners in this economic hardship ,where people are finding it difficult to feed.

This is a wake up call for all Motorist to be conscious while on steering,Don’t drink and drive. The consequences are catastrophic.