An armoured vehicle company from Canada. Inkas offers a huge range of products, from strengthened Toyota Camrys to full-strength riot control trucks. This G sits somewhere in between those two, then…

Other spec highlights? Captain-size chairs, with heating, cooling and massaging functions. A satellite telly system. A full-size fridge. And a colour LED system that displays “different animations ranging from business mode to various romantic themes”. Ladies love a stretched G.

limogwagon seats

At its heart this is a G63, so power is likely to be disproportionate to handling ability. Its 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 serves up 537bhp, and given the extra weight of all that armour cladding (as well as its extra length), we’d reckon a lot of those horses will be munched up by the traction control if you arrive too ambitiously at a corner.


Inside, the G is outfitted like a luxury party wagon — that’s a classy sort of luxury, — with curved wood, leather, trick lighting displays and a satellite telephone for calling for exfil. Other highlights include satellite TV  — a refrigerator, indoor exhaust system and a pistol holder.



Many of the interior features are controlled by an iPad mini, including lighting, seats, cameras, ventilation and audio-visual systems. We’re hoping the tablet is included, and not an extra on top of the $1,000,000 price approximately  ₦ 30,666,310.77 Naira.

The luxurious G-wagon stretch limousine is of course a befitting vehicle.