Convoy driving is driving in a company of two or more vehicles from same starting point, maintaining same speed and heading to the same destination. It is a highly demanding exercise requiring experience and discipline.

Whether you are transporting a politician or you are a group of friends heading to a beach party, convoy operators are expected to obey basic road safety rules:


1. Obey recommended speed limits

2. Keep safe distance (following distance) from the vehicle ahead.

3. Communication via radio frequency must be short and fast

4. Do not constitute hazard to other road users or run others off the road.

5. Convoy driving should not be an excuse for road rage and aggressive driving

6. Avoid tailgating

7. Be attentive and alert at all times.

8. In busy towns, slow down, close up the convoy to reduce the space and enable other road users get through.

9. Obey traffic and other traffics regulations.