oneway drivingWhen you are driving and you enter a roadway in the wrong direction, you might have made a mistake that could cause a horrific crash.  One way driving is an especially hazardous top causes of road accident because it often leads to fatal head-on automobile accidents, and the results can be deadly.


The traffic in Lagos can be very frustrating especially during rush hours. The funny part is that sometimes the opposite  road is so free that one is tempted to drive one way.

You probably have driven one way  in the past and got lucky. This time the Lagos Traffic law is now being enforced and the penalty is 3 years in prison.


It is our duty on Autoxpat Tv to inform you about the latest traffic laws and their penalties because we are your guide to safety .

Avoid any form of embarrassment, save your self the stress and punishment of serving 3 years in prison for breaking the law.

Be patient while driving.

Do not use one way.

Drive safely.