traffic light 5

Neglecting Traffic Direction/light can make you spend 3 months in Prison.

let’s imagine these few scenarios.

if you are a married man,can you imagine spending three months in prison for ignoring traffic direction and lights . Imagine leaving your family, your business and personal pleasures to spend three months in prison. That is definitely not nice.

What if your are a young guy. Imagine leaving your job, family and friends to spend three months in prison?

A young lady who just got her new car .Imagine spending three months in the prison because you disobeyed the law. no outing, no family and friend,no social media, nothing. just you and the prison walls.

A married woman and mother. Imagine leaving your husband, children, business or office work, church programme and all your “owambe” parties to stay in prison for 3 month. That is the height of slavery , i must confess.

traffic lit2

why not safe yourself these punishment and obey the traffic light rules.

traffic light3

Traffic laws and the penalty are being enforced on a daily basis.