Jackie and Patrick Delane spent their last hours together line-dancing in The Woodlands, surrounded by friends and family in a joyous early celebration of

Patrick’s 50th birthday. The Spring couple hit up a popular wine lounge and a trendy bar and bistro, making jokes and living it up into the early hours Sunday morning.

When they all finally called it a night after a meal at IHOP, Jackie and Patrick were the first to leave, headed home for some shut eye before a golf outing that afternoon.

1024x1024 (1)Just before 4 a.m., the couple was headed southbound on Interstate 45 when a black Dodge Charger driving the wrong way crashed into their Mercedes at more than 100 mph,

The Charger burst into flames upon impact, and a wrecker driver doused the blaze but was unable to save the driver, 32-year-old Allan Bonilla of Houston. The Delanes’ Mercedes careened off into a cement barrier, tearing apart the front end of the vehicle.
Jeanette Crawford, Jackie’s sister, was driving home from the IHOP when she spotted the wreckage along the side of the highway.