what is a Speed Limiter or a Speed limit Device?

A speed limiter is a governor used to limit the top speed of a vehicle. For some classes of vehicle and in some jurisdictions they are a statutory requirement, for some other vehicles the manufacturer provides a non-statutory system which may be fixed or programmable by the driver.

Governors can be used to limit the top speed for vehicles, and for some classes of vehicle such devices are a legal requirement. They can more generally be used to limit the rotational speed of the internal combustion engine or protect the engine from damage due to excessive rotational speed. The car,


imagesThe President, Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE), Engr Otis Anyaeji has expressed satisfaction on the proposal of speed limit for the commercial vehicles within the country by the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), the president postulated that, that would be a market of about 40 billion naira: stressing that as an advocate of local content, he would like the Nigerian Engineers to handle the project.





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Public services vehicles

Public service vehicles often have a legislated top speed.  (and also bus services) are limited to 65 mph.

Urban public buses often have speed governors which are typically set to between 65 kilometres per hour (40 mph) and 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph).


Trucks (HGVs)

All heavy vehicles in Europe and New Zealand have law/by-law governors that limits their speeds to 90 kilometres per hour (56 mph) or 100 kilometres per hour (62 mph).Fire engines and other emergency vehicles are exempt from this requirement.

Nigerians are urged by the FRSC to install this speed limit device in all vehicles.This will not only generate more revenue for the country, it will also bring about safety for the masses.