Gone were the days that we cannot wait to get out of our cars to enjoy the comfort of our homes.Today, our cars have become very sophisticated and comfortable for use. some of our celebrities have taken part in this comfort to suit their lifestyle.

Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as ”Emoney” the C.E.O of five star music is a lover of luxurious cars. Inspite of the recession ,the younger brother of the sensational music artiste ‘kcee’ and the five star music record label owner has added the latest 2017 lexus jeep to his fleet of cars.
emoney bus
The car is said to be worth $90,000 which is over thirty nine million Naira (39,000) with the current exchange rate. Among the exotic cars in his garage includes Lamborghini,G-wagon,Range Rover Sports,BMW,Jaguars,Prado jeeps and a Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury land jet.The sophisticated man sure knows how to spend his money and have a great time with his rides. from his Instagram post,we see pictures of him cruising his land jet.The features of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter luxury land jet includes,comfortable seats that can take at least four people,classy and up to standard rest room,big flat screen television and a sound system for entertainment.

The land jet obviously looks very comfortable and convenient for personal and business activities. from the pictures you will agree with me that cars can also be turned into a home.