drive on nigeria road

  1. Always be alert while Driving, and extra vigilant of your surroundings
  2. When Driving at Night or in traffic, ensure that all cars windows are wind up    and doors are locked at all times.
  3. Don’t change flat tires on an isolated road, instead look for the nearest secured car pack or petrol station.
  4. Using your rear and side view mirrors, check at regular interval to ensure you      are not be followed by suspicious cars or people
  5. Always pack your car in secured parking lots
  6. make sure all bags and laptop are away from sight in your vehicle
  7. Avoid Offering strangers lifts as much as possible
  8. When returning to your parked car, inspect the lot to ensure no one is    loitering around your vehicle
  9. Avoid buying items from street hawkers
  10. Avoid driving alone
  11. Avoid seating in your car when it breaks down, especially when you’re      driving alone, step out from the car and wait for assistance at the nearest public point
  12. Avoid trying to retaliate when a suspicious car overtakes you, instead, change lanes or use an alternative route.
  13. Avoid carrying laptops and other gadget in public
  14. Avoid driving on side lanes especially in traffic jams
  15. Avoid sitting at the extreme back of the vehicle as a bus passenger
  16. Avoid turning on your inner car light, particularly at night.
  17. Avoid traffic prone-areas
  18. Avoid answering phone calls while driving
  19. Avoid wearing Gold or Flashy jewelry
  20. Always have an emergency pepper/mouth spray ready at arm’s length i your car
  21. Always have a dummy phone or wallet at arm’s length in your carPIC. 5. TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK ON AGEGE ROAD IN LAGOS ON TUESDAY (12/2/13)