yellow-cab-taxi-scheme-punjab-govt-shahbaz-sharifA new study has found an explicit link between a taxi’s color and its accident rate, with yellow taxis being safer than blue ones. These findings suggest that color visibility plays a major role in choosing colors for public transportation and may save lives and money.

Translating the findings to evaluate the physical risk to a taxi passenger, In our research we noted that over the course of 40 years, a passenger will experience 1.1 accidents in a blue taxi, compared to 1 accident in a yellow taxi, which is a 9 per cent reduction in accident rate.

“We are keen to further validate the findings of our study by looking at the use of yellow in other types of public transport, such as school buses. For instance, we hope to compare the accident rates of yellow school buses against other colours to find out if yellow is indeed a safer colour for school buses.

Furthermore, we are also interested to look at private-hire vehicles and do a comparison of the accident rates of vehicles that are of different colours.