2017-xt5-jellybean-511x311Smart and Spacious. An interior that adapts to you.The XT5 cabin seamlessly accommodates your needs with an efficiently designed interior that can yield up to 63 cubic feet of storage space.

An exceptional exterior. Beautifully balanced,long chiseled lines and jewel-like headlamps create a crossover that is as sleek as it is elegant. And the sculpted body of the XT5 achieves more than just a striking look. By aggressively pushing the wheel wells to the four corners of the vehicle,Cadillac engineers created more interior space as well as a supremely balance structure for remarkable control.

Available Safety feature in the XT5 utilize a sophisticated network of radar and cameras to monitor roads and alert you to possible collisions. Features like pedestrian collision mitigation play an active role in your security and that of those around you,for added peace of mind.

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