Insurance is needed as a tool to give you rest of mind, once you have an insurance cover, you are at peace with yourself and you can go about doing your normal business without being afraid of risk.

Presently Leadway has a support scheme called the LBOSS -Leadway Business Owners Support Scheme, it is a business package product, Beyond collecting Premium and Providing cover. Leadway is very Interested in SME’s, analyzing their tendent risk that SME gets exposed to, knowing fully well that SME’s are the bed rock of any Nation because they contribute to the GDP rate of the economy.

Hence if SME’s are grounded, it is going to have an adverse effect on the GDP, on a larger scale, SME’s have two types of risk; Controllable and Uncontrollable risk.

Controllable risk: This can be managed by accountants or other members of the business, since it can be managed at when discovered.

Uncontrollable risk: This is the unforeseen risk or circumstances which cripples business entirely.

Leadway assurance company through this LBOSS Scheme is to try to protect the SME’s from this uncontrollable risk so that the business owners can go about their business without worrying about risk or crises. This Scheme also have variants of cover; including motor vehicle of the business owner, regardless of the number, they are all connected under one policy; it covers all the business premises, business content at the same time.

It offers a group life cover to the entire work force, it also has a public liability for the entire work force, a cover that protects the business from people coming into the business developing injuries or any sort of issues. So Once there is a legal suit on public liability, this package product will come to their aid.


Every Business Owner is out there to make profit not Loss, so Leadway is saying ”go about your normal businesses, we will take all the risk for you’. Leadway is the Only Insurance Company in  Nigeria with such Package for SME’s, which means that all we do is think about SME’S and how to make their lives better.