car theft 1

Just Imagine you drive off to the cinemas, a shopping mall or a concert to watch your favourite music artiste perform; And then just after having a good time, you get to the parking lot were you supposedly parked your vehicle and then for a minute it feels like you have amnesia..

Then you suddenly become an actor ‘but i parked my car here or was it here’ you start to look for your vehicle in odd places even under other people’s car….funny right? but it is not funny..It finally dawns on you that you have just being a victim of car theft.

Vehicle owners throughout the Country have being advised by the police to take adequate measures to installing security devices in your vehicle in other to reduce the chance of theft. Over the years, security agents have tried their best in arresting car thieves and even make them disclose their strategies in which they apply before stealing a vehicle.

car theft 2

Their various techniques includes

Trailing the car from the day of purchase to the day of being stolen.

They go as far as having office and home address of vehicle owners they want to steal.

They find buyers and a workshop where they get to change the colour of the vehicle, chasis number on the engine, new documents are procured and changed.

This is why security agents have advised motorists to use pedal locks, steering locks, anti car-theft, alarm systems, trackers and engravement of vehicle registration numbers on major parts of your vehicle to avoid car-theft.