Claim is a formal request to an insurance asking for a payment as a result of loss suffered on the terms and conditions of a policy. Before a claim can be lodged, it is assumed that there is an insurance policy between the insurer and the insured and normally claim is based on the terms and condition of that policy, the claims department acknowledge claim from our insured, upon notification of claims, the claims department acknowledge and send a reference number to the insured for ease of reference. We also advise that our insured on the required documents are checked and loss is assessed and offer is made, upon acceptance of offer, payment is made. The Owners of proof is on the Insured through documentation.

For motor claims, the necessary documents are as follows

  1. Completed claim form: This is design to elicit all the necessary Information on the loss suffered, such as Name of the insured, The plate number of the vehicle, accident Description, If there is a third party involved, it should be stated and other relevant information. The insured fills this form and sends back to the insurance company. The essence is to capture the information relating to the loss.
  2. Repair estimate: Incase it’s a partial loss, the insured has the free will to go to any auto mechanic shop of its choice to cost the expenses to cover the damage, the repairer gives the estimate of the damage, the name and contact address of the repairer and the garage is also needed, this is for easy contact for our inspectors. Also pictures of the damaged parts should be taken to make easy first hand assessment of the loss.

For motor claims, after full documentation, it extends to two stages 1) offer stage and 2) cheque stage

Upon full documentation of a motor claim, within two working days, we inspect the vehicle and confirm our offer, upon acceptance our offer, we take about 3 days to release our settlement cheque.  In a total of 5 working days, we are done with claim settlement. We are passionate about claim settlement. It is what has earned us our position in Nigeria amongst our peers, we are passionate about ensuring that our clients are fairly and adequately indemnified.