Suspension is the systems of tires,  springs, hubs, ball joints, shock absorbers and linkages that connect the vehicle and its wheels and allows relative motion between the two. Our Vehicle suspension system is something often takes for granted. However after supporting metals of tons year after year, eventually the shocks will wear out and suspension repairs will be necessary. Having a bad suspension can greatly affect your ability to control the vehicle especially when stopping or turning, so it’s in your best interest not to ignore this part of auto maintenance.

How to know your car suspension needs repair

  1. When every bump on the road causes your vehicle to bounce or when you begin to feel every bump on the road, having a complete rough ride on a smooth road is an obvious sign that your suspension needs urgent attention..
  2. When Turning and you feel your vehicle drift or pull, this means that the shocks are bad and can no longer hold the vehicle body stable. This can increase the risk of a roll over, if you feel this sensation while driving, then you need to take that car to a trusted car repair for servicing.
  3. When you feel your vehicle lurching or make an unstable staggering movement upwards or downwards when applying the brakes firmly, This can actually affect your ability to stop the car quickly. Your car suspension needs attention.
  4. Take a look at the tyres, if the tread is wearing down or you discover balding spots on the tyres, it means that the suspension is not holding the tyres evenly, hence you need a suspension repair.
  5. if you can look under the tyre, take a look directly at the shock, if you find it greasy or oily, there is a good chance that there are leaking fluids and therefore aren’t working properly, its probably time to get those shocks replaced.

If you suspect your suspension is bad (perhaps due to one of the reasons mentioned above) try this simple test.. when your car is parked, press down on the front of the vehicle with all your weight, “bounce” it a few times then release it. Do it again on the rear of the vehicle of the car continues to rock or bounce more than 2-3 times after you release it, the suspension is wearing out..

Bad suspension has being a cause in accidents on our roads…don’t take suspensions for granted..check them regularly