Marine Insurance

Why must i insure my cargo or my ship? This is the question people do ask….here we have  two form of marine; The Marine cargo and The Marine Hull:

Marine Cargo Insurance specifically caters for the cargo on the ship & also the belongings of the ship. The Insurance is usually taken up by the owner of the cargo. For example, travelling from China to Nigeria with your goods  and something happens; you will loose  money and everything else if the cargo isn’t insured. The Insurance Company covers all of your debt if the unforeseen happens. This type of Insurance covers the cargo on the ship.

Marine Hull Insurance: This Type of Insurance covers the hull, that is the ship itself, the vessel and all its mercenaries , if your  ship develops a mechanical fault while on sea or got damaged somehow, the Insurance companies pays for the expenses.

So insure your ship today and save yourself from risk and business shutdown because when the unexpected happens it might be too late if its not insured. So take up Marine Insurance Today and Remember Lead way is ready to bear all of your risk. What are you waiting for? Insure with us today because Insurance works.