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ANS:Well, Insurance talks about duties of care,i will not expect anybody to carry $10,000 and expect Insurance to cover that.Of course, we have other forms of Insurance for  that,if you have money Insurance,goods in transit insurance,you can do that but loss of money depends on the amount of funds which will generally be on a person if he travels.

QUE:What is the cancellation settlement like? will the money be refunded or another trip will be booked?

ANS: A cancellation settlement,the money will be refunded, I mean a cancellation says what happens when something is cancelled so if you have a trip that is cancelled the money will be refunded.

QUE:What are the valid reasons for which a policy holder cancel a trip and still be settled by the insurance company?

ANS:There are various reasons a trip can be cancelled weather is the largest one because if you have bad weather is various destination the plan could be cancelled whether your plane,train and your cruiz or illness,if you are ill and unable to travel another one you have to cancel that trip. So weather and illness are one of the major factors that a trip could be cancelled.

QUE:How Quick is the response time in case of an emergency?Are there hotlines dedicated for that?

ANS: The response time is almost instantaneous because we have a 24hours call line and a 24hours email line,so it now depends on the customer who need to let us know that ha has an emergency. It’s almost instantaneous,as soon as you call you get your response.

Thank you for been with us on this segment of traveling insurance, When Next you have a trip,do travel safe with us from Leadway Assurance.


Janet Dele-Onifade.


Analyst,Special Products Unit, Leadway Assurance

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Alex Anaba,


Travel insurance will cover you in five basic areas.


2,Medical Evacuation

3,Trip Cancellation

4,Flight Cover

5,Luggage Insurance

One Thing is sure,when you take insurance from an entity like Leadway Assurance company,you are utter-mostly covered anywhere you go to and anyway around the world.


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