Over speeding has been termed as one of the major causes of most road accidents in Nigeria. Different measures have been put in place to control this menace but it has only bore very little results.

Most of this terrible accidents happen on the major highways,despite all the safety measures put in place.

This is majorly due to Lack of self-discipline and ignorance among motorists.

Apart from over speeding,Drunk driving and vehicle unworthiness have been some of  the leading causes of road accident as many drivers engage in the act of drunk driving which makes them  loose total control of their vehicles and this has always led to death or injury of other road users and their passengers.

The FRSC has embarked on the installation of Speed Limiters Device in every vehicle so as to curb over speeding and this exercise will officially commence precisely on the 1st  of February 2017. The use of sub standard car parts is another major factor,which the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) need to critically look into if more lives must be saved.

As the year runs towards the end,we strongly advice every motorists/drivers to drive with extreme care. Drivers should avoid over speeding,don’t drive under any alcoholic influence and be 100% focused, stop buying sub-standard parts for your vehicles.

It is better to be Late than to be Late.

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