This is another segment of Leadway Assurance on Autoxpat.We shall continue our discussion on Travel Insurance,The reason is this,there is still a lot more you need to know about Traveling insurance.

We shall be discussing all and when i say all,i mean everything that travel Insurance entails and to do justice to this is no other person but an Insurance guru my colleague here at Leadway OLUBUNMI ARCHER,Head of Special Product.

I am ALEX ANABA,the National Retail Manager,General Business Leadway Assurance.

NKIRUKA ANDREW(Leadway Assurance)


Are you thinking of traveling abroad,do you want an Insurance company that will cover all of your RISKS,at Leadway Assurance we take care of all your risks and a very low price,so when you are thinking of traveling,Think of Leadway Assurance.

OLUBUNMI ARCHER(Head,Special Products,Leadway Assurance)


I want to talk about our product called TRAVEL SAFE.

What Does travel Safe Cover,It covers everything that has to do with your traveling insurance,you are traveling abroad,you have things like Trip cancellation,Baggage,passport,Illness,anything Emergencies that happens to you is covered by the product TRAVEL SAFE.

QUE: Are there Different packages for Leadway Assurance’s Travel Insurance?

ANS:We have three types of Travel Insurance that could work for you,we have TRAVEL GOLD,TRAVEL PLUS,SCHENGHEN.Let me explain

Schenghen Traveling insurance is for the Schenghen States while Travel Plus and Travel Gold are for worldwide. Travel plus is a standard policy while the Travel Gold is a Luxury policy so if we have luxury passengers who are high class passengers the benefits are more.

QUE:Is the Travel insurance restricted by Air or Does it include other means of Transportation such as road and Sea?

ANS: The traveling  insurance is purely for people who are traveling outside Nigeria anyway if you are going by road and is outside Nigeria,You can get travel Insurance once it is Travel, Travels involve all the forms of Transportation,by Air,Sea and Road so far it is travel outside Nigeria,we cover it.

QUE:Is there an Age Limit to who can benefit from your travel insurance Plan?

ANS: From Age Zero to 85,that is the maximum we can cover.

QUE:Does the premium vary by Country?

ANS: Yes,it does. It varies by area and by countries,the SCHENGHEN is a separate package. It depends on what country it is.

QUE:How is the premium paid-Monthly,yearly or per trip?

ANS:It depends on the customer,depends on how you want to travel and if you are traveling in one month and you you want to pay for a year,we will accept a year. So it really depends on the customers.

QUE: If a traveler chooses to extend the duration of the trip from what was initially stated,How does it affect the policy?

ANS:If the passenger has already traveled and want to extends his stay,that is fine. All the passenger need to do is call us ,let us know we will extend the policy even when the passenger is abroad. It is not a problem.

QUE:Travel Insurance covers you against loss of money.Is there a limit to how much can be refunded?How does this work,as  Travelers may loose a huge amount of amount?

To be continued

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