One of the benefit that life insurance can give to you,what am i talking about here,the need for you to take up a life insurance with a reliable insurance company like Leadway Assurance.

Funmilola Osebeyo,Manager Leadway Assurance


With Leadway Assurance company limited,You are rest Assured.

Click to read more….Securing Your Vehicle is not enough,Secure your Life Too…..Leadway Assurance Limited 

Laurina Ukah,


There are 3 Levels of wealth,the survival,success and significant,this 3 levels of wealth has to do Affluence,Affluence in the question of how did i get i here,what do i do to get here,how do i get out from here and where do i go from here? these are the questions an individual  ask,Ask no more Leadway assurance is here to answer all your questions

It pays  to do insurance because insurance works.

Of course we have talk about the life aspect of motor insurance today,Remember  that beyond insuring your asset which is the vehicle,you the driver is very important,and  that is why we are bringing you the life aspect of Insurance.

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