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Let’s hear what this Popular Nigerian Rapper Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf popularly known as CDQ have to say on Safety while driving.

Q: How was life at the beginning without a car?

ANS: I can imagine myself then when i was in school,most of my friends come to school with cars and i will be like when am i going to ride a car in my life but one thing about life is whatever will be will be,is just for you to always stick to whatever you know how to do best.

I never expected this coming so soon,is just the grace of God,my hand work and the believe i have in myself. Everything is like a dream,like woa!!! i can actually drive all this things yet it was what have always prayed for when i was younger and was in school.

Everything is coming so fast and am happy everything is coming.

Q:What brand was your first car?

ANS:I am a car freak though, Yes,i have driven different type of cars. Some courtesy of my company,myself and my producer, this is a Camry 2012 Model,the one parked behind is Range Rover 2010 Model, also parked is a Hyundai Accent and a Mazda.


Q:What are the Unique Features in Your Car you enjoy?

ANS: Safety wise,this Camry 2010 is very good,is a car that is flat on the ground no matter how fast you are going on the road,it still keeps it’s balance that is why i like this one.


Almost everything in this Camry 201o is computerized,you don’t need a key ,you don’t need to be putting the key up and down in other to start the ignition. It is just push and start,it can go a far distance when you are going you don’t need to press the remote on,automatically the car will sensor that you are leaving and just lock itself.

Q:What is your speed limit within town and on the Highway?

ANS:I always make sure  i don’t drive beyond 40 to 60kmph when am within town but when am traveling on the highway,my speed is like  100 to 80kmph.With that am okay.

Q:How carefully  do you observe traffic light?

ANS:For the fact that you are driving or you are a driver ,you must be a law abiding citizen and must be very careful with every thing around you.


When i am driving,even if am driving in an unknown evironment. Thanks to Lagos state ,you will see signage every where leading you to the right turning and traffic light.Also you will see a sign that will make  you know this place is not meant for u-turn,one way drive etc. or  for  you take the next street.

Q:What is your take on Auto Insurance?

ANS:Left to me,Some people still see Nigeria as an under develop country which they think we are not actually ripe for some kind of things,policies etc.

But i think with time,people will try to understand how important Auto insurance is. for instance you have a very expensive car which you know you have to insure and once damage,you will be certain you are covered by insurance.

People need to get their mentality right on the importance of Auto Insurance.

Q:What is your take on Auto crash?

ANS:Because of the nature of my job,sometimes i have a show at Ibadan,Abeokuta ,Ondo and other location and there are no connecting flight to all those places.

In that case,i don’t go out alone,i go out with my 2 different drivers,some one that can drive very well,so i call them to come help me out.

Basically what causes fatigue when driving  is that, some people are fond of driving and drinking while some drive and smoke. when you do all this things,you extra charge your energy and it brings him out at a pace he’s not suppose to be working before he knows he get tired easily and then fatigue comes in and the next thing is accident.

My advice to the general public is that,you should make sure you don’t drink and drive nor smoke and drive, also avoid over working and over stressing yourself if you want to drive.

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