A massive crowd was gathered in Nigeria because of  a Brand new Bugatti Veyron that was offloaded some days ago,It is actually not the first time when a new car is being offloaded but what makes the crowd get awe is the beauty of the beast and the worth of the vehicle.

Despite the hardship most Nigerians are passing through which was as a result of the fallen economy, someone in Nigeria just acquired  a brand new Bugatti Veyron luxury car worth $1700,000 equivalent to #535,364,068

The car  which is known for class and speed is mostly used by the likes of Floyd Mayweather,Cristiano Ronaldo,Serena Williams and others.

Who could have acquired such a ride in this recession period, Could it be an Artist,Politician or footballer?


The Bugatti  Veyron also called Vitesse french word of Speed,a 16.4 is for those with all the money in the word and a desire to go blisteringly fast.

Although the Veyron is no longer manufactured as it’s been replaced  with Bugatti Chiron. The Veyron is an 8.0liter turboquad W-16-engine and all wheel drive,it makes 1001hp and has a 200mph plus top speed.

According to,the sad truth about the Bugatti Veyron is that it is simply too fast for this world. You can’t go cruising around at something like 20mph faster than a pole winning qualifying lap for Indy  500.

To find a place to blast around in one of those Land bound rockets Bugatti Veyron,you could do worse than Eastern Cape,South Africa or at least the most remote portions of it definitely not Lagos Nigeria.

The Vitesse carries a yellow placard that reads:High Speed test vehicle approved by Government where the rear license plate is typically place.

v veyron bugatti

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