Life Insurance from Leadway Assurance Limited.

Alex Anaba: National retail Manager,General Business Leadway Assurance Limited

Today,we shall be discussing some thing very key and important,that is YOU driving the vehicle.

Of course a lot of motorist today have their motor vehicle insured but they never consider their life. One thing is sure for an institution like Leadway Assurance company we are looking beyond your vehicle and considering you the driver.

Okoise Henry: Agency Manager, Leadway Assurance.


One of the basic advantage of Life Insurance is that it gives life cover, in case of eventuality,the policy holder will not suffer,the estate will not suffer in case anything happen tomorrow. This  will Leadway Assurance guarantee.

Ifeoma Ifeacho:Unit Manager ,Leadway Assurance Limited


Benefit of Life assurance:

Basically more often than none,people get to think about securing their properties,gadgets,dogs than themselves. But you see the benefit of life insurance is such that when you take up a cover,you will not have to leave future to chance,you know life is so precious that you have to properly plan for.

In the life assurance cover with Leadway Assurance company,your defendant will not have to run helter skelter, the risky nature of life is such that no one knows when but whenever it happens you can be rest assured.

So life insurance is such that one has to rarely begin to think about, if you have not been thinking of securing your future you can not just leave future to chance,you have to leave future to certainty.

To be continued…….

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