A multiple accident occurred on Thursday 10th November 2016 around 1:30pm when a commercial tricycle(Keke Napep) ran into a Toyota Camry tiny-light along Ifako ijaiye road close to Expression hair company.

According to an eyewitness, the Camry driver who happen to be a woman was coming out of a street onto the major road and on seeing the Napep  waited for it to pass instead the Tricycle rider ran into the vehicle  causing it to land into the gutter.

The car’s front was badly damaged,it was gathered that the keke Napep driver was driving reckless with the force used in  hitting the vehicle.

Another eyewitness said,he does not know whether the tricycle rider was sleeping or blind. There was no live lost nor was there body injury but the car’s front was badly damage likewise the keke Napep.

Safety advice to all  road users, being patient is an important attribute of a good driver. It is better to be alive and healthy than to be dead or injured in a car crash.

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