In India, the Inspector is not only concerned about checking if you can operate the clutch-brake-accelerator, gear and steering without stalling the car or hitting something/someone. In most cases, he is concerned much more about “something else”, but let’s not go there.

So, what does the inspector look for during a test?
1. How you prepare to drive. (Mirrors, belt, lights, wiper)
2. How you start your vehicle. (look, signal, wait)
3. How you control your vehicle. (steering, accelerate smoothly, operate controls)
4. How you handle intersections and make left and right turns. (right-of-way, yield)
5. How you obey the traffic signals and posted signs
6. How you drive in traffic
7. How you stop
8. How you back up
9. How you judge distance
10. How you communicate to other drivers
11. How you share the road with others.
12. How you change your speed to suit the situation.

The whole point is that these are very basic but extremely critical aspects of how to drive and you should follow them EVERYTIME you drive.

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